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Our Story

The Elizabeth Parker brand has been designing and manufacturing men's formal accessories for the global market since 1995.  From our humble beginnings, the Elizabeth Parker brand can now be found in retail stores around the world, as well as online.  Not only do we manufacture and retail our own products, we've been trusted to design and manufacture a range of men's formal accessories for many well-known international brands.  The Elizabeth Parker quality speaks for itself.

Our impressive range of men's formal accessories includes;

• Cufflinks
• Cuffknots / Silk Knot Cufflinks
• Lapel Pins / Pin Badges
• Tie Slides, Tie Clips, and Tie Bars
• Blazer Crests
• Collar Stays

• and Collar Bars (Tie Bars)

The brand was created by our founder, Michael Cross, as a result of his passion for luxury accessories, great design, and fair prices.  Michael's daughter, Shân Nicol, successfully took over the business in the late 90's, and she has successfully grown the business into the international brand it is today.

The business was founded in the heart of Northamptonshire, England, an area that is considered to be a hub of expertly  designed products, with particularly popularity for hand-crafted shoes and men's accessories.  We're proud to say that our Head Office is still based on Northamptonshire.

Where You'll Find Us

You'll find our products all over the world; from small eCommerce stores and boutique shops to high-end department stores.

Thanks to Shân's extensive time spent living in Japan and travelling the region, she has forged rock-solid relationships with many Japanese brands and retailers, ensuring our continued development and sales in the region.

We exhibit at international trade shows multiple times a year, including the fantastic Pitti Immagine Uomo show in Florence, Italy, and the equally excellent MRKET menswear show in New York.  Here we meet buyers from all over the world looking to add quality products to their stores and online presence; these shows are responsible for our continued growth of the business and brand.

Who's Who?

Shân Nicol, Managing Director and head designer.  Shân has been at the helm of Elizabeth Parker for over 12 years and has grown the business exponentially through solid design, well-sourced raw materials from all corners of the globe, a keen eye for quality assurance, and solid supplier and customer relationships.

Want to Know More?

Want to know more about who we are and what our brand stands for?  Join us on social media at Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest.  Feel free to get in touch with us by email or phone on +44 (0)1933 223603.

Elizabeth Parker
6 Bentley Court, Paterson Road
Finedon Road Industrial Estate

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