Different Tie Knot Possibilities...

Different Tie Knot Possibilities...

Most men have been tying ties since fumbling with their garish primary school tie as young boys.  And most men haven't graduated from the basic knot you're taught as a kid.

The world of neck-ties is a big one, with several different shapes, sizes, and complexities, but sometimes you need a different kind of knot depending on what you're wearing or what kind of do you're attending.

Choosing the Right Knot for the Job

Not all knots are created equal. Size, symmetry and shape can vary greatly from knot to knot and all should be taken into consideration when choosing your knot style. Thick ties often necessitate the use of smaller knots like the Four-in-Hand or the Simple knot. Thin ties generally benefit from larger knots like the Pratt or Windsor. Every knot has a distinct character. The Prince Albert swaggers with a refined elegance. The Kelvin throws caution to the wind. The Murrell grins like a Cheshire Cat. The Van Wijk winks like a scoundrel with a secret. The Eldredge and Trinity knots twirl and fold like futuristic necktie origami. Every knot serves its master differently. Try a few knots. Experiment. Play. Your necktie will thank you.

A Visual Comparison of Necktie Knots

The "simple" knot is the one most of us are taught as a boy (also known as the "Oriental").  As its name suggests, it's the most simple knot style to tie, but it isn't always up to the task.  If you have a skinny tie, you're going to need a thicker knot.  Here we have a visual representation of different necktie knots, courtesy of  They have a fantastic section dedicated to showing you how to tie these different ties, including videos.

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