Give your suit a new lease of life

With the current trend of decluttering and only keeping the things that ‘spark joy’ in our lives, we are beginning to see more and more perfectly fine clothing being thrown away and ending up in landfill.

If your suits aren’t bringing you much joy these days, and you’re beginning to think you might want to get something new - stop and think about whether the bones of them are still ok.

Ask yourself; is the stitching still intact? does the fabric still look fresh? and most importantly does it still fit? If you answer YES to all of these then we suggest you think about updating your accessories to make it feel like a new suit before you pass it on.


Although they are worn on the shirt under your suit, cufflinks can bring a fresh new element to your look. With a slight peek from under your sleeve, a pop of colour could really give your not so new suit a new lease of life. Elizabeth Parker have a wide range of cufflinks, featuring classic, traditional designs and more trend led pieces, that are sure to appeal to you as a modern gentleman. Elevate your look to the suave and sophisticated one you aspire to have.

Lapel Pin

Something to actually add to your suit, a lapel pin. Again, a great way to give it a subtle refresh. The lapel pin is the perfect example of a finishing touch - whether you want to inject some colour with something niche that exudes ‘personality’ or you like accessories that are a little more classic like a knot or a button, Elizabeth Parker have something for everyone.

Pocket Square

Why not go for a touch of class and add a silk pocket square. The pocket square has been around in some shape or form since the Ancient Egyptian times where they were a symbol of power and wealth and will certainly elevate your suit from drab to fab. Elizabeth Parker Pocket Squares are 100% printed silk, whether it’s a classic square or with a hint of bohemian paisley print, we’ve got a variety of patterns to suit your style.

Marie Kondo might not like our suggestions, but we’d really like to encourage you to rethink clearing out your wardrobe and adding a little something to your current items before you give or throw them away!

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