How To Wear Pastels With Confidence This Spring

March 15, 2017

How To Wear Pastels With Confidence This Spring

As the weather begins to warm up with the onset of spring we start to see the arrival of colour in our gardens which is generally also reflected in our wardrobe. Out go the darker colours of winter and in come the warmer and more cheerful colours of spring as we head on our journey towards the brightness of summer.

Spring is the perfect midway ground for pastel colours and this year is no exception as many retailers stock up with their spring collections. Pastels are softer and more subtle than their summer counterparts and are a great way of breathing life and vibrancy into your spring wardrobe.

The word ‘pastel’ brings fear to many men as they struggle at the thought of wearing a pastel pink top. Daunted at the thought of mixing different shades, worrying whether they are a bit too feminine, or really having no idea how to put them together and ending up becoming the butt of their friend’s jokes, they choose instead to ignore their potential. Pastels however work well with every skin tone and age group, so it is well worth understanding how to wear them as you can be sure that when you do get it right they will make a great fashion statement.

To help you on your way to embracing the pastel season here are a few tips from us.

1. When to wear pastels
It’s best to wear pastel colours during the day as drawing on their subtlety they have a light and airy feel to them which may not always pass in a more formal evening setting or office environment. Think warm weather events – garden parties, holidays, weddings, Wimbledon etc. and you’re well on your way to achieving that effortlessly chic look associated with the Riviera. Pastels sing of warm weather, fun and happiness so wear them accordingly. Perfectly versatile they can also be dressed down for a preppy/sporty look or up for a modern, elegant feel in a smart casual setting.


2. Mixing colours 
If you’re in any doubt as to what colours to wear your pastel item with, or are just starting out with pastel tones, then it is wise to go back to basics. Pairing with a neutral item will take the focus away from the pastel colour enabling it to work as an accent as oppose to the feature of the outfit. You can try changing one piece at a time to break up the darker colours and continue adding more as you feel comfortable.

Pastel colours do work well together though so don’t be afraid to add more colour. Do however be careful to colour match correctly and try not to overdo it as too many pastel colours can make you look somewhat washed out. Always keep in mind that colours which are close together on the colour spectrum work well, as do those on opposite sides.

Another way of successfully wearing pastel colours is to pair them with a highly saturated colour. This can be either the same colour or a complementary colour. You could also pair a saturated accessory with a pastel jacket or shirt to create the same effect.

 3. Accessories

If adding big blocks of pastel colours to your outfit doesn’t appeal to you, but you would still like to incorporate colour in one way or another, then accessories are your answer. A great way of expressing your personality, and adding style and design to your wardrobe there are numerous options for adding colour. From pocket squares to ties, lapel pins and cufflinks you can up-style your outfits quickly and inexpensively.

Pastels also work well with metallic accessories as they are neutral colours, so don’t be afraid to incorporate gold and silver hues to successfully liven up your shirts and jackets.

Keep the colour alive
Whilst pastel colours are generally associated with Springtime, there is no reason why they should be consigned to a specific part of the year. Use them to break out of the monotony of darker colours during the colder months and add a hint of colour and brightness to your wardrobe. As timeless classics they never go out of fashion, so why not purchase a few key pieces this spring, you’ll be sure to get your return on investment.


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