Stylish Valentine's Gift Ideas For Him

January 29, 2018

Stylish Valentine's Gift Ideas For Him

Finding the ideal gift for your Valentine can be a tricky task. There are so many parameters that come into the decision making process and you want to make a good impression, right! As a basic start point it’s always good to consider the stage of your relationship and what it is that you want your gift to say. Understanding these two key aspects will certainly go a long way in helping you choose the perfect gift.

Whether you’re just starting out in a relationship, recently married or engaged, or celebrating many happy years together, we’ve got a range of stylish gifts for your loved ones that suit all budgets this Valentine’s Day. And remember it’s the thought that counts!

Starting Out

Only been on a few dates, then we recommend sticking to something a bit more fun and frivolous. And whilst we hope you’ve found your perfect match we don’t want you breaking the bank to impress them either. The trick here is to find something that is unique and that makes them feel special without being too sentimental. Perhaps link your gift to a hobby, activity or colour that you know they like. Cuffknots in the colours of their favourite football team is a sure winner. Elizabeth Parker Valentines Gifts                                   


So you’re officially an item. Think about what links you together as a couple and choose an item that symbolises the time you spend in each other’s company. This could be something that reminds them of a place you have been, or that touches them personally like the colour of their birth stone. Pieces that feature links or intertwined elements are also great for showing affection. 

Or, as you now know them well, pick something that perfectly matches their personality or that you know they like but wouldn’t necessarily warrant spending the money on themselves. Ideally you are looking for something that shows you’re in tune with their thoughts and that you, like your gift, intend to be around for a while.


Elizabeth Parker Valentines Gifts


Lucky you, you’ve found the perfect partner and share a wonderful life together. Investing in something more expensive that can be treasured is a perfect way of confirming your commitment and giving a gift that, just like your love, will last a lifetime.

Precious metal and semi-precious stones are the ideal choice here. Symbols of love and loyalty they are the perfect combination for an everlasting gift.

Elizabeth Parker Silver Gifts

The colour of love

On the other hand if you’re a stickler for tradition then the choice is simple - make it red. Known as the colour of love, red symbolises passion, desire and romance and is a no-brainer for any romantic Valentines gift.


Elizabeth Parker Red Valentines Gifts

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