The Alternative to 'Connell's Chain'

Have you watched ‘Normal People’ yet? The fantastic, relatable and thought-provoking novel from Sally Rooney has been adapted for screen and available on Hulu and BBC iPlayer.

This coming of age story, centres around Connell Waldron and Marianne Sheridan, as they navigate their simple yet complicated love for each other.

Now that the TV show has been broadcast, there seemed to be one thing that the ladies couldn’t ignore, Connell’s Chain – yes, the silver chain that he is never seen without. We’d imagine that many partners have been getting subtle hints from their wives or girlfriends about wearing a chain. What it is about the chain that has seen women go weak at the knees and also inspired an Instagram account ‘Connell’s Chain’ that now boasts over 131k followers? 

If the man in your life isn’t really a chain kind of guy, may we suggest the bangle. The Elizabeth Parker Stainless-Steel Bangles are the robust, wearable and discreet brothers of the Connell Chain.

Designed with longevity and simplicity in mind an Elizabeth Parker Stainless Steel Bangle could be the gateway into men’s jewellery for your partner. Who knows, next year he might upgrade to a chain.


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