The Morning of the Wedding Gift Exchange

February 26, 2019

The Morning of the Wedding Gift Exchange

Weddings are steeped with many traditions, some that you will chose to include and some that you won’t, but there’s one that we think is really special and a great way to treat the man you’re about to call your husband. The Bride and Groom Gift Exchange.

Of course, after the expense of a wedding this might not be something you want to add to your budget, but it is a nice way to create a special moment for your fiancé amongst the nerves and excitement that doesn’t have to cost a lot.

When do you make the exchange?

Assuming you are sticking to tradition and not seeing each other the morning of the wedding, you could exchange gifts the previous evening, just before you go your separate ways.

A lovely alternative is to give the gift to the best man to give to your groom on the morning of the wedding, whilst he’s getting ready. You could include a note with the gift to let your fiancé know you are thinking of him, as you prepare for the big day. This is a lovely way to reconnect and remember why you have spent months planning this day - because you are in love and want to spend the rest of your lives together.

You could also give him something at the end of the day, after the celebrations have ended and it’s just the two of you, or even as you are about to head off on your honeymoon.

When you are giving your gift, will impact what you chose to give.

Exchanging just before or on the big day

It would be wonderful to give him something that he can wear on the big day like a beautiful set of cufflinks, a bracelet or a money clip (to avoid an unsightly wallet bulge in photos). Something special, that he wouldn’t necessarily buy for himself is a good idea.

You want to choose something that is good quality and timeless, so that it doesn’t go out of style and can still be worn for years to come.

Elizabeth Parker offer a wide range of luxury men’s accessories that would make the perfect gift for your husband to be, whether it’s a pair of our exquisite traditional cufflinks, a beautifully crafted lapel pin, a practical yet stylish money clip, or a more contemporary but still sophisticated leather bracelet, there’s sure to be something that will suit your man’s style and let his personality shine through on his wedding day.

From left to right: Lapel Pin, Hexy Middle Rose Gold Cufflinks, Blue Paisley Cufflinks, Bracelets, Tie Slides, Burgundy Label Cufflinks, Money Clip, Words of Love Cufflinks


Exchanging gifts after the Wedding

If you chose to give your groom a gift once you are actually husband and wife, there are still some lovely options. Again, one of our exquisitely crafted leather bracelets, will add a touch of class to even the most casual outfits (perfect for a honeymoon), or you could give him a pair of our solid silver cufflinks, that he can wear for special occasions and treasure forever. 

We are sure you’ll agree that there are many options to pick from to make this tradition something really special and memorable for the both of you.

We’d love to hear if you choose to partake in this tradition and what you have chosen as your gift.

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