Product Care

Elizabeth Parker's Product Care Guidelines

Our products are made to a high quality and will last a long time provided they are well cared for.  The following product care guidelines outline how you can care for your Elizabeth Parker product and keep it looking its best.

All Elizabeth Parker products are Rhodium plated; this provides a protective coating to the items and helps to prevent tarnishing and oxidisation.  To further prevent oxidisation and to revive lustre, all products should be cleaned using a soft polishing cloth.

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver can oxidise if not well cared for.  To prevent oxidisation and to revive lustre, all Elizabeth Parker Sterling Silver products should be cleaned using a soft polishing cloth.

Plain Metal

Elizabeth Parker's plain metal cufflinks and accessories are all Rhodium plated which helps prevent tarnishing and oxidisation.  We recommend cleaning them occasionally with a soft polishing cloth to restore their lustre and shine.

Gold Plated Accessories

Gold plated accessories will not tarnish on its own, but over time chemicals, perfume, oil, moisture, wear, and soil may cause it to corrode.  We recommend cleaning with a soft cloth or washing in warm soapy water, ensuring that you rinse and dry them thoroughly. Avoid contact with any chemicals or cleaning agents as they may remove the gold plated layer. When storing, please protect your gold plated accessories from scratches, chemicals, extreme temperatures and sunlight.


As leather is a natural material, general wear and cleaning may cause shrinkage and cause its colour to change slightly.  Elizabeth Parker cannot be held responsible for any damage due to negligence. To preserve the quality of your Elizabeth Parker leather products, please do not wash with any household cleaning fluids.

If wet, please allow leather to dry naturally. Do not place near a source of heating or open fire.

Fibre Optic Glass

Fibre optic glass is is made of tiny strands of glass, which are then injected with colour.  Fibre Optic Glass is a fantastic method of adding deep and interesting colours to a product.

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