Fall in love with accessories

September 19, 2017

Fall in love with accessories

There are many things to look forward to when autumn approaches. Sitting in front of the fire, cuddling up on the sofa, eating your favourite comfort foods like cottage pie and chocolate sponge pudding, not to mention all the seasonal delights like pumpkin carving, sparklers, fancy dress and toffee apples.

Autumn is also great time to get together with nature. We all love the colour change in the leaves and the beautiful spectacle of reds, browns and oranges as we drive around the countryside. You certainly can’t beat a walk through the woods, kicking through the piles of leaves on the ground or collecting conkers with the children.

Walking in autumn leaves

When it comes to clothing we often have that ‘extra layer’ moment at the beginning of the season where you feel you’re being weighed down with additional clothing and don’t quite have the freedom of movement you enjoyed in the summer months. Out go the light cottons, linens and silks of the summer and in come the heavier woollens, velvets and corduroys for the winter. 

Accessorising for the autumn season is an exciting time. With the onset of the colder weather you’ll be reaching out for the hats, scarves and gloves to complement your outfit, as well as keep you warm. You’ll also probably be wearing more long sleeved shirts and jackets so there’s no better time to add some personality and creativity to your outfit than with some new cufflinks, bracelets and a lapel pin. Here’s a few suggestions to enhance your look this autumn.  


A firm favourite, and now a staple in many men’s wardrobes, the bracelet stack is here to stay. The warm hues of the brown tiger eye and red cornelian semi-precious stones fully complement the softness of the genuine leather. Bracelets are perfectly matched with a tweed jacket for a weekend away, or with a woolly jumper for a night out at the pub.

Men's leather and bead bracelet stacks


This year’s suit trends cover a range of fabrics and colours. Twisted yarns, milled fabrics, mini patterns, stripes and checks are all in the mix. The usual navy, greys and blacks are prevalent but how’s about olive green, cranberry or acorn brown for a change? Perfect for making a statement and adding some additional colour to your autumn wardrobe. All of these suits are very versatile, giving you a great choice of accompanying accessories in a wide range of colours.

 Accessories for cranberry, acorn and green suits

If you are interested in any of the suits above, please check out their webpages: 
Cranberry Suit
Brown Suit
Green Suit 

When it comes to seasonal tones then natural stone immediately comes to mind. Mirroring the colour variations of the changing elements of the season, natural stones such as red jasper, tiger iron and picture jasper all radiate warmth and energy. Perfect for keeping you going through the cooler temperatures and an ideal accompaniment to the heavier woollen fabrics. Warm golds and genuine leather also harbour an autumnal feel and work well with plaid and tweed fabrics.


 autumnal coloured cufflinks in natural stone and gold



Despite the wonderful array of natural colours autumn is often accompanied by grey skies and rain. So why not use your lapel to brighten your day. Cheerful and lively colours and shapes will show your light-heartedness and keep yourself and other people smiling. Alternatively take a symbol of the season and wear with pride. 

Autumn themed lapel pins

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