Groom’s Essential Guide To Choosing Accessories

Adding a sophisticated charm to your outfit, great accessories complete the groom’s look on the big day. The trick is to complement your style without overpowering it, but with so many options available deciding on the right accessories for you can be a daunting task.

To help you on the way we’ve put together a few pointers to help you make the right decision for you and your bride.



Colour or Theme

With many weddings having a specific colour or theme you can easily colour coordinate your accessories with your bride, or take inspiration from your theme. From pastel colours, to vintage style, there are plenty of opportunities for the groom and also the groom’s men to be included.

 Wedding Colour Theme

The Classics

It’s difficult to go wrong with a classic design. Timeless and elegant they will make sure that you ooze style and grace in fitting with the ceremonious nature of the day. It’s worth thinking about the colour though – ideally match your accessories to the colour of your wedding ring so that it all works together once you’ve said your vows.

 The Classics

Add some sparkle

SparkleNow, if bling is your thing then crystal accessories are a great way of injecting some additional sparkle into your wedding. Crystals can be found in classic or novelty cufflinks as well as lapel pins, and are perfect for putting on the glitz!

Have a laugh

A sense of humour never goes a miss at a wedding and novelty cufflinks are a fabulous way of showing you’re up for having fun. If you’re attracted to novelty cufflinks then the likelihood is that you’ll be able to pull off the look. Our only advice - beware of over doing it – too brash and they may have the opposite effect. Oh and we’d probably check with the bride beforehand!

Novelty Wedding Cufflinks

Lapel Pins

Generally the realm of the flower button hole at a wedding, the lapel offers a perfect opportunity to show your individuality. Instead of the traditional flower you may prefer to honour an old tradition by giving it a modern twist with a wooden or metal alternative. On the other hand you could make a personal statement of your own with something very distinctive.

The choice is yours!

Lapel Pins

Tie Slides

One final accessory to finish off the groom’s look is an elegant tie slide. Not only stylish, but also functional by helping you keep your tie out of your soup and your beer! You can match it to your other items, or go it alone with an individual piece.

Elegant Tie Slide

A Lasting Attachment

Buying accessories that you are likely to wear again, not only makes financial sense, but also leaves you with a great keepsake. Wearing a reminder of your special day on a regular basis will give you a nice warm feeling inside and is something that you can treasure for many years to come.

And the Groomsmen

Don’t forget the groomsmen. It’s not just the groom that needs accessorising, but all the groomsmen as well. Whether you decide to keep them all the same, or mix and match with a variety of colours or designs, there’s no better way of showing your appreciation for their support before and during the wedding than presenting them with stylish accessories to wear on your big day.

The Finishing Touch

The finer details of your outfit can make all the difference. Select them carefully to make sure they reflect you and your style so that you are comfortable wearing them. With all the preparation now done, all you have to do is go out and enjoy your day!

Download The Groom PDF Here

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