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Elizabeth Parker Fashion Collection

There’s no rest for the wicked when there’s a new collection of accessories awaiting design!

I love the pace of working in the fashion industry. Even after all these years the whole process of design through to production is one that gives me a real sense of satisfaction. And no sooner have you finished one collection, you’re starting on the next!

So here we go again with the AW2016 collection.

We all know accessories is about design right? Yes, but that’s not all of it. In this day and age it’s also about research and looking at the bigger picture. We have to check out the latest trends before sitting down with a pencil and paper to put our initial designs on paper.

And that’s before seeing what’s been happening in the world of materials and manufacturing. It’s amazing how things have moved on since I first started this process and how many more options are now available to us both as designers and manufacturers.

I’m also really keen to make the customer the focus of our new collections. Customer satisfaction and functionality being two key elements of our creative process. I like to hear what the customer has to say and balance design with practicality.

Well there’s not much point in having a fantastic looking cufflink, if it doesn’t actually hold your shirt cuffs together.

With this in mind I believe we don’t over design our accessories and we make products that match the wants and needs of our customers in more ways than one – design, functionality and of course cost.

As it stands we’ve just finished putting our pencils down for that last time on the AW2016 collection. Our initial concepts are drawn up and we’re ready to move to the next stage of the development process.

And that’s where I’m heading next week - ready to take my designs to manufacturing and start the process of bringing them to life - this is the bit that I really like!

With production meetings planned throughout next week it’s a totally manic time. But there’s nothing more exciting than seeing your next collection take shape.

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