Making Memories - 5 simple, yet memorable things to do with your Dad this Father's Day

There’s can be a lot of pressure on you to come up with something fantastic to do on Father’s Day, but there’s nothing more important than just being together and enjoying the simpler things in life. So here are a few simple things you could do instead  

1. A walk in the park, or is it?

There’s nothidad and daughters walking in parkng nicer than getting back to basics and enjoying a leisurely stroll through the countryside, a park or on the beach. But why not spice it up a little by putting together a scavenger hunt along the way. Devise clues, questions and forfeits that are personally connected to Dad; i.e. ‘walk like Mick Jagger to the next tree’. Remember, the wackier the ideas, the more laughs that will be had. And don’t forget to take snaps and video clips for future memories on the way.

2. The Dish of the Day

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so why not make food the theme of the day and prepare Dad his favourite dishes for Father’s Day. Get the kids to create a menu in advance and decorate the table to the theme of the dish. Whether it’s a pirate boat for fish and chips, or a Parisian Café for beef bourguignon, you can make Dad’s dinner time an extra special family event.

3. Board to tears (of laughter)

When’s the last time you all sat down and played board games as a family? pile of board gamesIt’s easy to forget that some of the simplest games can generate the greatest laughs. From Twister to Pictionary, or whatever you have in the cupboard board games are a sure fire way to have some fun.

Fear not if you don’t have any commercial games at home. Charades never disappoints at making everyone chuckle and is ideal for getting family members of all ages involved. You could even make up your own Father’s Day quiz with questions on Dad for all the family. Then you can find out just how well you really know him!

4. Building Memories

Most men like to build, so why not get involved in a building project. Anything from a den in the woods, a mega sandcastle on the beach, or a bird house for the garden from left over wood, this activity is sure to help build relationships as well as memories. Not to mention giving the kids a great opportunity to learn some new skills.

dad and child building sandcastle

5. Nothing to Declare

How’s about taking a totally different tact and arranging nothing for Father’s Day? Perhaps Dad has a pressurised job and runs a tight schedule during the week, so he may well prefer just to rest for the day. Be sure not to bombard him as soon as he wakes up, instead let him lie in and get ready in his own time.

That’s not to say you won’t be doing anything though. You can just make it more spontaneous by asking him what he would like to do on the day itself. Always have a few suggestions up your sleeve so it’s not completely left to chance, but make sure he feels it him that’s making the decision.

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