Men's Accessory Ideas For Popular Wedding Themes

July 05, 2018

Men's Accessory Ideas For Popular Wedding Themes

So you’re heading to a wedding this summer and want to look your best. Whether you’re the groom, one of the groomsmen or a guest, the first question you may want to ask yourself is ‘What type of wedding is it?’

With so many different options these days it’s wise to understand the theme of the wedding so you don’t end up looking out of place on the day.

Alongside the choice of suit, shirt and tie, there’s also the complementary accessories to finish off your outfit. Packing a punch above their weight and size, accessories let you add your own personality to your outfit and will help you achieve the exact style and you are looking for.

So to help you add the perfect finishing touches to your outfit we’ve put together a range of accessories that we think work well with some of the most popular wedding themes that you could encounter this summer:

The Traditional Wedding
Everyone loves a traditional wedding don’t they? It’s great to put on your glad rags, don the hat (ladies especially) and head off to the church. The trick here is to ensure your tailoring is spot on and that you create a timeless, classic look.

Accessories need to have an understated elegance and a sense of tradition. Natural stones like mother of pearl and black onyx work very well alongside a polished finish or solid silver.

Men's accessories for a traditional wedding

The Black Tie Wedding
A step on from the traditional wedding Black Tie weddings are becoming more popular. In essence this type of wedding is one of the easiest to dress for, particularly for the man. You can keep it traditional with black onyx or mother of pearl, alternatively you can spice it up a little with some funky polka dots. 

Men's accessories for a black tie wedding

Novelty Themed Wedding
Great for letting your hair down and throwing caution to the wind there are so many fantastic options for a themed wedding these days. From the sublime to the ridiculous you could find yourself in any kind of setting.

Our advice: whatever theme the special couple have chosen match your accessories to maximise impact and get people talking about your outfit. Go on, be brave and showcase your personality.

Men's accessories for a themed wedding by Elizabeth Parker

The Boho Wedding
Full of the joys of summer the boho wedding is soft, romantic and beautiful. This wedding is the perfect opportunity to be inspired by nature and to free your spirit. Add some individuality to your outfit with beautiful designs and intricate details.

Men's accessories for a boho wedding by Elizabeth Parker

The Contemporary Wedding
Cool and classy the contemporary wedding requires a sharp and elegant finish to your outfit. Create a suave and sophisticated look with some strong lines, bold shapes and added detail or texture from your accessories. 

 Men's accessories for a Contemporary Wedding by Elizabeth Parker

The Country Wedding
Rustic, tranquil and relaxed the country wedding continues to be a firm favourite. Wear simple chic accessories that portray a well-groomed and distinctive style. Natural materials and brushed metals add an element of nature to reflect the feel of this wonderfully whimsical wedding theme.

Men's accessories for a Country Styled Wedding by Elizabeth Parker

The Vintage Wedding
Another popular wedding style, the vintage look is certainly here to stay! Embrace it with open arms to get the best out of the day. Pick up a suit from a vintage shop and match your accessories accordingly. From Art Deco to Gatsby Glamour you’re sure to look the part.

Men's accessories for a vintage themed wedding by Elizabeth Parker




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